Research Publications

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” Ken Robinson

Recent Research

  • Co-researcher with Professor David Howard, Department of Electronics, University of York.
    An investigation of ‘ring’ in the singing voices of highly trained child performers.  
    Initial results presented at PEVOC, Dresden 2009 and ABCD, Leeds 2012.
  • Consultant for AHRC funded research project, Edgehill University and University  of York (2008 –  present)
    Widening young male participation in choral singing.
  • Warming up for musicians: an investigation into the efficacy of warming up techniques with relation to findings from sports science.


Books and Book Chapters

  •  Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults, 2013. Compton Publishing Ltd, Oxford.
  •  The Oxford Handbook of Singing. OUP; Eds. Welch, G. Howard, D. Nix, J. Chapter 4.6 Boys’ singing voice change in adolescence, Co-author with Harrison, S. Publication date 2013
  •  Oxford Handbook of Music Education, 2012. OUP. Chapter 5.2 The Young Singer, Co-Author with Ken Phillips and Robert Edwin.
  •  Perspectives on Males and Singing, 2012. Springer. Chapter 9 Cathedral Choirs in the United Kingdom: The Professional Boy Chorister
  •  Inside the Voice. Faber/Sing up e-book 2011
  • Voice for Life, RSCM 2004. Two chapters – Boys’ changing voices, The countertenor voice


Published Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Ring’ in the solo child singing voice Journal of Voice, 28(2): 161-169 2014
  •  Are real-time displays of benefit in the singing studio? An exploratory study Journal of Voice, 21(1), 20-34, 2007
  • An exploratory baseline study of boy chorister vocal behaviour and development in an intensive professional context. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 30(3-4), 158-162, 2005
  • WinSingad: a real-time display for the singing studio Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 29(3), 135-144, 2004
  • Book Review. Chapman, J. Singing and teaching singing: a holistic approach to classical voice. San Diego: Plural; 2006. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 31(4), 190-191, 2006

Published Articles

  • Why do we sing? Classical Music, 1042 March 2018
  • Finding the right words. Singing: Voice of the Association of Teachers of Singing, 72, 6-8. 2017
  • Vocal Training for Choristers series of three articles for Cathedral Music Magazine, issues 2/15, 1/16 and 2/16
  • How to look after your voice. National Youth Choirs of Great Britain website 2012
  • Teaching young voices safely. Foundations for Excellence 2011
  • Regular articles in Sing-up newsletter 2010
  • Regular column in Singing-out, newsletter of the Choir Schools Association 2010
  • The vibrato discussion. Singing: Voice of the Association of Teachers of Singing, 53, 21-22. 2007
  • Letter to the editor (the use of falsetto in boys’ changing voices). Journal of Singing, 64(1), 9-10. 2007
  • Boy wonders, The Singer, Rhinegold publ; June/July 2006
  • The Method in the Madness: teaching child choristers  Singing, Voice of the Association of Teachers of Singing 2003
  • An investigation of two German boys’ choirs, Leipzig and Dresden, and a comparison with the equivalent London cathedral choirs. London: Institute of Education 2003
  • The Changing Adolescent Voice in the Cathedral Choir Information and Procedure for St Paul’s Cathedral Child Protection Policy 2002
  • Chorister training – Education or Exploitation? Singing, Voice of the Association of Teachers of Singing. No. 41, 22-24 2001

Invited Papers at International Conferences

  • ‘A baseline study on male chorister vocal behaviour and development in an intensive professional context’York University, February 2005; Malmö, SWEDEN May 2005; St John’s, Newfoundland, CANADA June 2005; PEVOC London, August 2005
  • A mirror for sound’ A practical exploration and demonstration of computer software as a tool for teaching singing’SEMPRE, GSMD, February 2006; PAS, York University, May 2006
  • ‘Intensive vocal training and the developing voice’Cathedral Organists Association, St Paul’s Cathedral, November 2006
  • ‘Boys’ changing voices: the use or misuse of falsetto singing’Choice for Voice, GSMD London. July 2008
  • ‘An investigation of ‘ring’ in the singing voices of highly trained child performers’PEVOC Dresden 2009
  • ‘Boy choristers: vocal health and development’Choir Schools Association, Christchurch Oxford 2010
  • ‘Is adolescent voice change in boys a healthy process? Suitable assessment criteria for adolescent boys’ voices, in both clinical and pedagogical settings’Choice for Voice, London 2010
  • ‘Teaching young singers safely’Foundations for Excellence, Dartington Hall 2011; ABCD, Leeds 2012; Centre of Excellence for Voice, Leuven 2012
  • ‘Warm-ups for musicians’
    The Reflective Conservatoire, GSMD 2012
  • ‘Vocal Health’
    ABCD, Leeds 2012