Advanced Anatomy for Voice Professionals 29-31 July 2018

Three-day intensive course, with the option for accreditation at Level 7 (30 credits)

Have you been teaching for a while but wondered if your grasp of anatomy is really accurate? Would you like to know what is actually going on inside when you hear certain sounds?

This course is designed for experienced singing and spoken voice teachers, as well as speech and language therapists wishing to further their study of voice. It is purely a study of anatomy and function. There is no vocal pedagogy, it’s up to you what you do with all the know-how.

The content for the first two days will be presented by Dr Jenevora Williams. On the third day we will be joined by an ENT doctor, Natalie Watson, who will be able to do nasendoscopic examinations of any of the participants. This will enable you to have a detailed look at the function and behaviour of your own larynx.

This course is an absolute first in the UK. It is aimed at voice practitioners who already have a working knowledge of anatomy and function but who wish to gain a deeper understanding in order to further their practice. You can either attend the residential course as a standalone option or pursue full certification.

For booking details please click here; or if you would like more information, please email me.

The first two courses have been such a success – fully booked each time – singing teachers, spoken voice teachers, speech therapists, an osteopath and a laryngeal massage specialist! Here are some of the comments:
“Thank you for this course, it’s so important that things like this happen”
“I found it all useful – some of immediate practical value, some simply knowledge-broadening and fascinating”
“Great balance between the speakers. All coming from a slightly different approach which I felt was so important to see – excellent”
“All very useful, informative and I enjoyed immersing myself completely, thank you for three amazing days!”
“A wonderfully diverse group of professionals to share ideas and experiences with whilst learning new information taught by true experts”
“There were lots of elements to each day that I could use in my own vocal development and also the development of my students”

And on the certification:
“I loved the learning but I started to really hate the writing. I have no idea what I would have done if Jenevora wasn’t so ridiculously patient”

“It was all fabulous!”