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Advanced Anatomy Certificate

We’ve just completed all the certifications from the first course: four Distinctions, two Merits and a Pass. That’s a huge amount of work from all the teachers involved, congratulations to:
Laura Adams, Carrie Birmingham, Rob Cates, Jane Dunton, Stephen King, Susan Parkes and Sarah Stone

Only just over a week to go before we do it all again with 20 more teachers, at least seven of whom are aiming to complete the certification.

Some of the comments we’ve had:

“I’ve really adored every element of the work. The Anatomy, the lectures, research, reading specialised papers, meeting new wonderful people and especially reconnecting with you! Thank you for an incredible experience and your patience with someone who hasn’t written an essay for 15 years.”

” I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to partake in this course, I have absolutely loved the reading material (and the contact time especially!) I can honestly say I do believe it has enhanced my teaching in a very positive way. I hope to continue on to more courses, developing an even better understanding of the voice and how it works, and sharing that with my clients.”

PEVoC – an amazing conference

I’ve just spent three days immersed in presentations from the world’s leading voice scientists and practitioners, along with some fascinating and illuminating conversations over meals and coffee. It was just what I needed to inspire me for another year of teaching, training and mentoring.

Advanced Anatomy Certificate

Carrie Simone Birmingham has just gained a Distinction in her Advanced Anatomy Certificate. Two excellent pieces of work: one on Posture and Personality, and one on Breathiness in young singers. Well done Carrie!

Voice Council have published a short article in their newsletter

Do More by Doing Less – 3 Tips for Efficient Singing

Teaching Young Voices Certificate

Can I congratulate Emily Blows on gaining a distinction in her certificate. Lots of hard work and some really innovative teaching. Well done Emily!

Interview in iSing magazine

Here’s link to an interview I did with Debbie Winter, it’s all about teaching singing to children – with some useful exercises at the end. Link Here

Successful Masterclass

The masterclass in Guildford on June 4th was a huge success. We had some wonderful young singers, a real mix of ages and musical genres. Here are some of the comments:

“I just wanted to says a huge thank-you for Sunday; I really loved the day and found it so stimulating and useful.
It was lovely also to meet other teachers……I’m realising what an isolated job this can be. I’ve already started trying out some of the techniques this week, to great effect!”
“Would definitely love to see another masterclass – really useful experience.”
“Very many thanks indeed for the wonderful masterclass yesterday. Both L and I could not have enjoyed it more.
Much has been learnt and to see all that wonderful young talent has been simply magical.”
It looks as if I’ll be doing another one next year – watch this space…

Another Gains Certificate in Teaching Young Voices

I’d like to congratulate PETER TAYLOR from Sheffield on completing his extensive portfolio and gaining a DISTINCTION. Well done Peter – you’ve really deserved this one.

Advanced Anatomy Course

This was such a success – fully booked with 25 lovely students – singing teachers, speech therapists and one laryngeal massage specialist! Here are some of the comments:
“Thank you for this course, it’s so important that things like this happen”
“I found it all useful – some of immediate practical value, some simply knowledge-broadening and fascinating”
“Great balance between the three speakers. All coming from a slightly different approach which I felt was so important to see – excellent”
“All very useful, informative and I enjoyed immersing myself completely, thank you for three amazing days!”
“A wonderfully diverse group of professionals to share ideas and experiences with whilst learning new information taught by true experts”
“There were lots of elements to each day that I could use in my own vocal development and also the development of my students”
“It was all fabulous!”

Three teachers gain Certificate in Teaching Young Voices

Rachel Marsh (Cardiff), Elspeth Hayes (SE Ireland) and Nikki Wallis (Oxford) have all gained a distinction in their certificate.

Congratulations to them – it’s been months of hard work.