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Teaching Young Voices – celebrating!

Some numbers to celebrate:

106 teachers have been on one of my three-day Teaching Young Voices courses

26 of them now have completed certificates in Teaching Young Voices

I hear news of their successes every week, I’m so proud of them all! Here’s some feedback from the last course we did, in Oxford:

“The course was hugely informative, and the two things that really resonated with me were the invitation to play and discover, and the permission to fail. I previously had the notion that teachers had to be the font of all knowledge, but after doing your course I realise that it is the pupils who teach us all the way!
Thank you for sharing your research and experiences, in such a warm and open manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be recommending it to everyone.”

Life Cycle of the Voice – new films now available

In association with Voice Workshop we have made a series of films about the voice through the lifespan: developmental stages through childhood and adolescence, the effect of hormones on the voice including pregnancy and menopause, and finally the ageing voice. The films are taken from a live presentation on this subject and have numerous recordings of voices in different ages and stages. As you would expect, the information is very carefully researched: each chapter includes a full list of references.
For just £45 you can buy all 16 films with over two and a half hours of material; and just to show you how good it is, we’re offering you one of the chapters for free.
Click here to access this offer!

Teaching Young Voices Certificates – many more to celebrate

This course is now so popular, there are numerous teachers coming on the courses, many of whom are then going on the complete a written portfolio of their teaching for the certification option. Since I last posted, we can add:

Mark McCombs
Victoria Hall
Tara Leiper
Amanda Walters
Eleanor Mottershead
Emily Owen
Laura Brown
Lindsay Martin
Rebecca Price

Congratulations to all of them, in order to gain this certificate, they need a real knowledge of their teaching process and show a depth of understanding in order to apply this effectively. It’s a lot of work and they’ve done really well!

New Courses

Voice Workshop are now offering so many successful courses for voice professionals that we are becoming swamped with bookings.
The MA in Vocal Pedagogy, beginning August 2018 is now full
The August Teaching Young Voices in Guildford is 3/4 full

There are brand new courses coming in:

Vocal Rehabilitation Across the Lifespan (2 days) – Nov 2018
Voice and the Brain (2 days) – Feb 2019
Introduction to Teaching Singing (3 days) – Feb 2019

As well as more of the existing courses:

Teaching Young Voices (3 days, Oxford) – April 2019
MA in Vocal Pedagogy, beginning April 2019

Second Edition of Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults

The first edition has sold over 3000 copies, it has been hugely popular with sales all over the world. The time has come, five years on, for an updated version.

This second edition has very few alterations to the material from the first edition; it does, however, have significant additions. These are in the fields of learning: motor learning skills, memory, emotion and how to structure lessons to facilitate this. In the area where there is constant evolution of research evidence, there is updated information on vocal health.

This edition also has a number of new illustrations, including cartoons and technical drawings.

The book can be ordered here

Advanced Anatomy Certificates

I’m so proud of my wonderful Advanced Anatomy Certificate students. They have worked so hard to get their assignments done and once again I’m stunned by the quality of the work – eight of these were Distinction at Level 6.

Tara Leiper, Rebecca Schwarz, Andrea Fishenden, Clare Kissane, Besfort Williams, Lydia Easton, Stephen King, Laura Adams, Sarah Stone, Susie Parkes, Rob Cates Music, Jane Dunton, Dean Adams – you are all brilliant!

Voice Geek Conference

This is getting so much excitement already. A day of total immersion in voice research with presenters from all disciplines and levels of experience. One thing is for sure – it will be a day of high-quality presentations and in-depth discussions.
I’m so looking forward to it.
Voice Geek Conference 2018


Another certificated Teacher of Young Voices

Congratulations to Alison Harvey for gaining a Distinction in her certificate. A lovely teacher with a thoughtful, structured and imaginative approach to teaching.

MA in Vocal Pedagogy – Brand New Course, the first in the UK

This is the most exciting project I’ve ever been involved with! We now have the course that so many teachers have been wanting to undertake, and it’s accessible and ready to roll.

The line-up of experts is stunning – please take a look here

This is the result of years of planning and piloting other courses. We’ve consulted MA course leaders all over the world; as a result we have put together a combination of fascinating study days along with really flexible private study and research options.

Finally – compare the cost with other MA courses in the UK – it’s really good value for money.

Advanced Anatomy Certificate

We’ve just completed all the certifications from the first course: four Distinctions, two Merits and a Pass. That’s a huge amount of work from all the teachers involved, congratulations to:
Laura Adams, Carrie Birmingham, Rob Cates, Jane Dunton, Stephen King, Susan Parkes and Sarah Stone

Only just over a week to go before we do it all again with 20 more teachers, at least seven of whom are aiming to complete the certification.

Some of the comments we’ve had:

“I’ve really adored every element of the work. The Anatomy, the lectures, research, reading specialised papers, meeting new wonderful people and especially reconnecting with you! Thank you for an incredible experience and your patience with someone who hasn’t written an essay for 15 years.”

” I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to partake in this course, I have absolutely loved the reading material (and the contact time especially!) I can honestly say I do believe it has enhanced my teaching in a very positive way. I hope to continue on to more courses, developing an even better understanding of the voice and how it works, and sharing that with my clients.”