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Advanced Anatomy Course

This was such a success – fully booked with 25 lovely students – singing teachers, speech therapists and one laryngeal massage specialist! Here are some of the comments:
“Thank you for this course, it’s so important that things like this happen”
“I found it all useful – some of immediate practical value, some simply knowledge-broadening and fascinating”
“Great balance between the three speakers. All coming from a slightly different approach which I felt was so important to see – excellent”
“All very useful, informative and I enjoyed immersing myself completely, thank you for three amazing days!”
“A wonderfully diverse group of professionals to share ideas and experiences with whilst learning new information taught by true experts”
“There were lots of elements to each day that I could use in my own vocal development and also the development of my students”
“It was all fabulous!”

Three teachers gain Certificate in Teaching Young Voices

Rachel Marsh (Cardiff), Elspeth Hayes (SE Ireland) and Nikki Wallis (Oxford) have all gained a distinction in their certificate.

Congratulations to them – it’s been months of hard work.

Teaching Young Voices

We’re now getting teachers with Distinctions across the board in their TYV Certification. The next course will be August 21-23 2017. Book now!

Vocal Health for ‘Sound Connections’

Wednesday 9th November – coming up soon in London, an afternoon on how to look after your voice. More details here:

Brand New Course in Anatomy

Advanced Anatomy for Voice Professionals 9-11 April 2017

This course is an absolute first in the UK. It is aimed at voice practitioners who already have a working knowledge of anatomy and function but who wish to gain a deeper understanding in order to further their practice. For the three day residential intensive, I am joined by Dr Alan Watson (lecturer in Anatomy at Cardiff University, author of ‘The Biology of Musical Performance’) and Declan Costello (ENT consultant and Voice expert). You can either attend the residential course as a standalone option or pursue full certification.

For further details please click here

New film interview

Here’s a recent film interview made by Steve Giles, in it I’m talking about teaching young singers.

Teaching Young Voices

The first course in August 2016 is such a success, we have plans to run another course in February 2017. There’s definitely a lot of enthusiasm for finding out more about this subject, as well as for gaining a recognised certification.

Associate Scheme

Singing Teacher Associate Scheme

This innovative and much-needed qualification will give you, your students and your employers the full reassurance that you have reached a high standard of knowledge and practice in the teaching of young singers.

The first stage will be the completion of the Teaching Young Voices Certificate

If this is completed satisfactorily, you will be invited to continue on the scheme for mentoring, lesson observation and one-to-one tutoring for a further six months.

At the end of this time, you will be a fully accredited Dr Jenevora Williams Associate Teacher; your students will be in safe hands.

If you would like to be considered for this scheme, please contact me and apply for a place on the Teaching Young Voices Course, 20-22 Aug 2016.

New Course: Certificate in Teaching young Voices 20-22nd August 2016

This is the first of its kind: a three-day intensive course studying the development of young voices, and looking at the best ways in which to teach singers up to and beyond school age. This course will give you a firm foundation in the development of children’s voices, what they are capable of at each stage and the issues encountered during puberty. If you are a singing teacher, a choral director, a classroom music teacher or a Musical Theatre MD – this is what you need to know. The content is based on research evidence and a lifetime of experience in the field; it is not a teaching method, you will be given the tools to devise your own teaching strategies.

Please go to the Voice Workshop website for more details.

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Professional Practice (Vocal Pedagogy)

Now registering for the third course with Voice Workshop. This is proving to be a huge success, singing teachers really want this sort of knowledge and the qualification to go with it.

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