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Life Cycle of the Voice – new films now available

In association with Voice Workshop we have made a series of films about the voice through the lifespan: developmental stages through childhood and adolescence, the effect of hormones on the voice including pregnancy and menopause, and finally the ageing voice. The films are taken from a live presentation on this subject and have numerous recordings of voices in different ages and stages. As you would expect, the information is very carefully researched: each chapter includes a full list of references.
For just £45 you can buy all 16 films with over two and a half hours of material; and just to show you how good it is, we’re offering you one of the chapters for free.
Click here to access this offer!

Teaching Young Voices Certificates – many more to celebrate

This course is now so popular, there are numerous teachers coming on the courses, many of whom are then going on the complete a written portfolio of their teaching for the certification option. Since I last posted, we can add:

Mark McCombs
Victoria Hall
Tara Leiper
Amanda Walters
Eleanor Mottershead
Emily Owen
Laura Brown
Lindsay Martin
Rebecca Price

Congratulations to all of them, in order to gain this certificate, they need a real knowledge of their teaching process and show a depth of understanding in order to apply this effectively. It’s a lot of work and they’ve done really well!

Voice Geek Conference

This is getting so much excitement already. A day of total immersion in voice research with presenters from all disciplines and levels of experience. One thing is for sure – it will be a day of high-quality presentations and in-depth discussions.
I’m so looking forward to it.
Voice Geek Conference 2018


Interview in iSing magazine

Here’s link to an interview I did with Debbie Winter, it’s all about teaching singing to children – with some useful exercises at the end. Link Here

Advanced Anatomy Course

This was such a success – fully booked with 25 lovely students – singing teachers, speech therapists and one laryngeal massage specialist! Here are some of the comments:
“Thank you for this course, it’s so important that things like this happen”
“I found it all useful – some of immediate practical value, some simply knowledge-broadening and fascinating”
“Great balance between the three speakers. All coming from a slightly different approach which I felt was so important to see – excellent”
“All very useful, informative and I enjoyed immersing myself completely, thank you for three amazing days!”
“A wonderfully diverse group of professionals to share ideas and experiences with whilst learning new information taught by true experts”
“There were lots of elements to each day that I could use in my own vocal development and also the development of my students”
“It was all fabulous!”

Level 4 Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy

This is a brand new course, welcoming Dr Jane Oakland as a teacher for day 1. I am teaching days 2, 3 and 4. The course will address both the physical and psychological issues essential for understanding teaching singing. Here are more details

National Youth Choirs of Great Britain

We’ve had two weeks of wonderful singing and learning. The young singers are so enthusiastic, responsive and always challenging. On Sunday 14th April we have a concert in the Royal Albert Hall at 6pm. All the choirs will be singing, the programme is centred around the Monteverdi Vespers. I know that it will be fantastic – do try to join us there.