Introduction to Teaching Singing

Introduction to Teaching Singing: this is the ideal course for teachers who are either starting their teaching journey, for more experienced music teachers who are branching into one-to-one lessons, or for choral directors and classroom teachers wishing to have a foundation to their understanding of singing.

Day 1

A basic introduction to how the voice works

Postural alignment and balance

Breath management

The larynx and the vocal folds

The vocal tract: jaw and tongue

Day 2

Voice over the lifespan

Vocal development of children: limitations and possibilities at each age

Adolescent voices: recognising the stages of voice change in boys’ voices, teenage girls’ voices

Voice changes through the adult lifespan: menopause and ageing

Day 3

Structuring lessons and rehearsals

Warm-ups: what are we doing and how

Learning and habit-forming; motor learning skills

Vocal health: looking after the voice in sickness and in health