Ticket - Anatomy and Voice Rehabilitation 26-27th January 2020, Belfast




This course is aimed at voice practitioners who wish acquire an understanding of functional anatomy and then carry this over into work with rehabilitating the injured voice. . The content is not genre-specific, it does not follow any particular model and can be applied to any voice use. Past students have been  Singing Teachers, Spoken Voice Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Osteopaths and Laryngeal Massage Therapists.

This is of particular interest to teachers who wish to understand the impact of vocal misuse in singers. It is also an ideal foundation for any singing teacher wishing to work within a multi-disciplinary voice clinic. More details here

Venue: Queens University, Belfast

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Anatomy 26 Jan Regular, Anatomy 26 Jan QUB Staff, Anatomy 26 Jan full-time Student, Anatomy plus Rehabilitation 26-27 Jan Regular, Anatomy plus Rehabilitation 26-27 Jan QUB Staff, Rehabilitation only 27 Jan, Rehabilitation only QUB staff