Singing Teaching – Individual Lessons

One to one singing lessons with Jenevora - what goes on?

I have been teaching singing for over 30 years; my teaching of individuals goes hand-in-hand with my research and development of Voice Pedagogy. My approach is flexible and effective; my students have a solid vocal technique, a robust understanding of performance psychology and vocal health, enabling successful careers.

Some students have lessons every couple of weeks, others will drop by two or three times a year. Each lesson is an hour, although I can give extended lesson duration to students who travel large distances for their lessons. I have a lovely teaching studio at my home in Guildford; this is a ten minute walk from Guildford railway station and within easy reach of both Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

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And what do the singers say about studying with Jenevora?

“Yippeeee! Just finished Jauchzet at Cadogan, and it’s the best I have sung for years. THANK YOU! It’s a great feeling that for the first time ever, I don’t really mind what other people thought about it – I felt in control at all moments (even the top Cs), and felt that I did what I do, to the best of my abilities, and that’s a fantastic feeling. At the moment I feel that the combination of tongue, posture, top up breaths, slight whine and constant intention/communication are giving me lots to play with, and it’s so liberating! “
“I had a really enjoyable time doing the concert on Saturday and the Strauss just fell into place with the pianist in a beautiful space. I was able to just tell the story and play with colours, which feels very much like the G of old! And, the audience were very happy.
Thank you for helping me”

“I’m sure I would have given up by now without your encouragement, it’s thanks to you that I am no longer nervous about singing.” 

“Thank you for a great lesson today.  Really enjoying singing with you.  Thank you for all your clarity and advice.  I’m in good hands.”