Teaching Young Voices – Certification


Your certificate in Teaching Young Voices will be assessed by Jenevora and awarded by Voice Workshop. You will have access to an online library of resources: book chapters, research papers and exemplar portfolios.

  • Prepare a teaching portfolio with evidence of appropriate application of technical guidance and repertoire choices.
  • Choose either one student or an existing group such as a choir.
  • Show your plans for 6 lessons or rehearsals.
  • Give an explanation of what technical exercises you have done in each session: why you chose these exercises, how they were assimilated by the students and whether the outcomes were what you had hoped for or expected.
  • Evaluate your repertoire choice: why you chose it, and what were the outcomes. You can provide annotated copies of the music.
  • You will need to include a video of at least one lesson or rehearsal, this will need the relevant permissions from all concerned.

Follow up skype sessions/telephone support is available after the three days.

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