Teaching Young Voices 1-3 August 2018, Guildford

This is a very popular course, it has sold out for the last four that we have had. Over 60 teachers have now studied Teaching Young Voices and they have loved it. Here’s some of the feedback:

“Fabulous course!!”

“Really enjoyed it – best music course I have attended. Will be recommending it to singing teachers in Ireland”

“I very much enjoyed the whole course: it reminded me of things which had slipped my mind, confirmed I do know quite a lot, but ensured that I want to keep up to date with research and scientific discoveries, so that I can continue to try and give my pupils the best possible advice and care. Thank you very much for your help and knowledge.”

“Lots included and a through explanation for each subject, I just want to know more.  Very inspiring and has sparked my interest in other areas.”

“Amazing course so useful, lovely people and makes me excited for more courses in the future.”

“Very well structured and fantastic amount of content covered.”

“I thought the sessions were extremely well-structured”

“Course was perfect for me and exactly what I was looking for in terms of both content and delivery”

“I loved every minute of the course. My mind never wandered – a miracle! Every bit of the course was relevant to me and very interesting.”

“Definitely inspired me to explore certain areas further!”

“Content was fantastic and I learnt from other delegates too.”

“I love the style of teaching, it really suited my needs and interests. I think Jenevora is wonderful!”

and here’s some feedback from a teacher who has just completed the certificate:
“It’s been a really useful and interesting project for me. I found it challenging having to plan the lessons, as I’ve previously worked more intuitively and responded to the moment. The writing up and re-reading of the lessons has really made me reflect on what I’m doing, why, what I understand and what I don’t. Since doing those case histories, my lessons are definitely more structured, my goals are clearer (and possibly more realistic), and I’ve felt an increased confidence to trust myself and my ability to be playful within a plan. I think before, I always wondered if I was making it up.

The next course is 1-3 August 2018 in Guildford, Surrey. This course will give you a firm foundation in the development of children’s voices, what they are capable of at each stage and the issues encountered during puberty. If you are a singing teacher, a choral director, a classroom music teacher or a Musical Theatre MD – this is what you need to know. The content is based on research evidence and a lifetime of experience in the field; it is not a teaching method, you will be given the tools to devise your own teaching strategies.

The course is a three-day residential in Surrey, venue to be confirmed. If you wish to complete the certificate there will be assignments to complete in the following months, with as much tutorial support as you need via skype, phone or email.

For details of the course content and how to apply please click here